Chuleta de cordero | Lamb chop
1月 8, 2017
Asado | Rib plate
9月 22, 2017

Bife angosto | Striploin

Striploin steak with lavender flowers, ratatouille and cheese-stuffed parmentière

  1. Salt the striploin (250 g – 0.55 lb).
  2. Cook on both sides on hot grill until medium done. This simple way of cooking respects the natural flavors of this exceptional product.

Garnish with: Lavender flowers sauce (lavender flowers cooked in meat broth); ratatouille (diced eggplant,  zucchini, onion, sweet pepper, tomato with thyme and bay leaves) and cheese stuffed parmentière potatoes.

Striploin: a cut with a balanced proportion of fat, extended in a firm and even cover. Its marbling enhances the taste of its delicate fibers.

Suggested wine:

2 to 4-year-old Tannat a (full bodied, ripe tannins).


Chef: Martín Pérez

Recipe presented at the National Chef Competition organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the National Meat Institute (INAC) and the National Institute of Viticulture (INAVI). Published in the book “A Tour Throught The Senses. Uruguay Natural.”