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August 23, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Uruguay: From Nature to table

From the sky, Uruguay can be seen as a large meadow. More than 80% of the lands are fresh pastures.


Location: South American Pampas

Area: 176.220 sq Km

Population: 3.4 million

Language: Spanish


Travelers from all around the world, discover in Uruguay a new meaning of the concept “Human-Nature”…

In the following video (1 minute), we invite you to feel a sample of the nature and the greatness of our pampas (video with audio, better experience with headphones):



One of the most amazing luxuries Uruguay offers to its visitors is the possibility of reviving the awe of the most primitive relationship between Man and Nature.

Whoever arrives in Uruguay and decides to go to the countryside, can enjoy the pleasure of walking through the extensive pastures without hurry, breathing the pure air at the top of the hills, listening to the silence of the valleys, submerging in the blue waters of our coast and riding through the characteristic cattle ranches, feeling, even in a short stay, that here the time passes slower, that here we respect and worship the rhythm of wise nature.



The territory of the country can be fully traveled, and deep inland can be reached plenty of calm scenes in picturesque environments.

The travelers can cross wide green valleys splashed with forests and crops, ancient or modern bridges across stormy rivers or calm creeks, or even climb effortlessly wavy paths uphill, where they can encounter solitary riders or cattle drivers.


The landscape usually offers a clear horizon occasionally interrupted by hill chains or isolated hills tipped with stones towering the vast plains where cattle graze.

Almost the whole territory of the country is apt for agricultural production. Of its 17.6 million hectares of lands, 16.5 million are devoted to some agricultural activity. Beef cattle and sheep share the most of the grazing lands.



The entire country can be considered a Natural Treasure, where cattle are naturally reared in the rangelands to produce one of the most appreciated beef in the world.

We invite you to visit us to experience our country. We will be waiting for you with open arms and a good barbecue!