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August 23, 2018
Uruguay: From Nature to table
September 4, 2018

Traceability in Uruguay

Uruguayan Beef: The certainty of knowing that what you are eating is natural and safe

Uruguay has a long tradition and culture of beef production and export. Uruguayan beef is known throughout the world for its high quality and delicious taste. Today, Uruguay exports 70% of what it produces. Our main destinations are China, the European Union and the United States.

Now, read this: Uruguay´s beef sector has a unique capability, the entire supply chain is monitored, online! There is a huge database and information system that allows to go back from table to farm. Every movement of each animal is registered and recorded online.   Every kilogram of beef can be linked and traced to the production area,  farm, and cattle.  This allows to demonstrate and certify its production process and product integrity to every consumer in the world.


The combination of on-farm plus processing plant systems

The country has had a group traceability system for over 40 years.  However, in 2006 implemented individual cattle traceability mechanisms that make it possible to trace animals from their origin up to processing plants. At plants, by combining the information provided by the double ear-tag system of the SIRA (Animal Identification and Registration) with the Electronic Information System for the Beef Industry (SEIIC, also known as “Black Boxes”), it is possible to link every kilogram of beef to the animal where it came from, and hence to the farm. The combination of both systems turns Uruguay into the only country in the world able to have the record of its entire cattle herd, and of all its beef exports.


Uruguay has a Full traceability system: Farm level (Individual Electronic Traceability) + Industry level (Industrial Traceability)


Individual animal Traceability is the association of a unique and unequivocal identification of each animal that allows to know exactly: age, sex, breed, identification number, place of birth, owner, where has been the animal, when in each site, with whom other animals and more.

Uruguay has more than 40 years history in Animal identification, Herd ID number, Lot number.



The “SEIIC (Sistema Electrónico de Información de la Industria Cárnica)” – translation: Electronic Information System for the Meat Industry – consists of 7 data collection points with automatic registration of weight, from the entrance of animals to the slaughterhouse, through their transformation in beef, to the dispatch either to the domestic or export markets.



What’s the value of the traceability system?


Guarantees for the public power

  • The Government of Uruguay, through its authorities, can guarantee to Uruguayan society and the international community the conditions of operation of the country’s meat sector.

  • The entire process is controlled and monitored, and can give total guarantees in terms of safety, commercial and fiscal point of view.

Transparency and global access to the information

  • All livestock owners have online the most complete information on the performance of their cattle.

  • Website for access to carcass yield performance.

  • SMS and mobile apps information delivery.

  • More than 50% of the information available on the website the same day; more than 98% within 24 hrs.

  • Information for decision making.

Food safety and security guarantees

  • Single slaughter line detection of possible issues.

  • Before any sanitary emergency or problem of food safety, the Uruguayan system allows to quickly rebuild the cycle of production and commercialization of the food.

This involves identifying herds, animals that were in contact with each other, and then the processing and distribution channels. The impact of a recall is minimized.

Consumer trust

  • Traceability systems allows production segmentation and identity preserved products and processes.

  • Consumer tracking.