Uruguay: From Nature to table
September 4, 2018
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September 7, 2018

The Uruguayan passion for beef

With this article we want you to know a little more about the close relationship we have with beef and how we prepare it in our country. We invite you to cook it this way, in order to live the experience of eating the Uruguayan beef like we do and connect with our natural grasslands.


Facts you should know when you are talking with an Uruguayan person:


  • Uruguay is the world’s 7th. largest exporter of beef.

  • The cattle stock is 12,000,000 heads of cattle, and more than 70% of the production is exported.

  • Each animal has 15,000 square meters of natural and fresh pastures, equivalent to 2 soccer fields.



  • Generally in all houses in Uruguay there is a barbecue, it is almost a requirement.

  • Regarding Beef consumption per capita, Uruguay is the nº 1. Uruguayans eat around 60 kg/person/year.


Uruguay has a long culture and tradition as beef and lamb producer and exporter. For centuries, rural producers in Uruguay have been applying careful and respectful practices in cattle-raising, in a sustainable and environmental-friendly manner. Thus, our country has become a world reference in regards to “Animal Welfare”. Our meats are very tasty, but they are also the healthiest and safest to eat.

The taste of meat from livestock raised grazing natural pastures freely in the open air is unique. Besides such practice have other advantages: a leaner beef, with lower cholesterol, higher contents of Vitamin C (antioxidants) and four times more Omega-3 than beef from livestock raised the conventional way.



Uruguayan Beef is very important in our daily meals. Its delicious taste, the peace of mind of knowing that it is healthy and safe, and also the happiness that brings us through the feeling of being satisfied, are some of the main reasons that make us choose it as a first option. Another great reason is that it is an ideal food to share with family, friends and loved ones in a delicious lunch or dinner.


The next is a recipe we traditionally prepare at home to enjoy with the family: Beef stew.



Finally, and saving the best for last, we want to introduce to you, in case you didn’t know it yet, our most traditional cooking method: the “Asado Uruguayo”. This is the most common way of preparing beef in our country. It consists of roasting the beef on the grill with embers of hard Wood.


The next video shows how to prepare the recipe of Thin Flank with spicy sauce on the grill. Delicious!


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