Chuleta de cordero | Lamb chop
1月 8, 2017

Gigot de cordero | Lamb leg

Lamb leg with cous cous, spinach volcano, Curaçao blue sphere and sea breeze.

1. Debone a lamb leg.
2. With the bone prepare a Jus Lie (thickened stock sauce). j
3. Tie the lamb leg to shape it and add rosemary, salt and pepper.
4. Roast in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Garnish with: Cous Cous (prepared with carrot, zucchini and eggplant brunoise olive oil, lamb juices and butter); spinach salty custard cooked in bain-marie or double boiler 8spinach with eggs, plour and butter; Curaçao blue sphere ( Curaçao blue and alginic acid in calcified water) and sea breeze (mix filtrated water and lecithin).

Lamb leg:  This cut, appreciated by the most demanding palates, offers all the taste of the best natural ovine meat.

Suggested wine:

Over 4-year-old Tannat (medium bodied with wrapping tannins).


Chef: Esteban Briozzo

Recipe presented at the National & International Chef Competition organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the National Meat Institute (INAC) and the National Institute of Viticulture (INAVI). Published in the book “A Tour Throught The Senses. Uruguay Natural.”